The Six Sigma method has been successfully applied in improvements procedures for operational processes. After proven modifications, it has also been used as a method of process improvement in administrative and management areas, including pricing. This fact helped to develop a proactive approach to a strategic pricing setting, thus bringing improvements concerning profitability.

This method is divided into six steps, which we call DMAIIC: Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Innovation, Implementation and Control.

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  • Define

    QuantiZ integration and current pricing process mapping.

  • Measure

    Internal and external interviews with customers, identification of key data to be collected, design of market research, data collection and preparation.

  • Analysis

    Use of statistical software for data analysis (price variations, regressions, value maps, etc.), prioritization of ‘key issues’ and diagnosis presentation.

  • Innovation

    Development of innovative and effective solutions for the identified opportunities of diagnosis step. Theoretical approach and practical adjustments of pricing tools and techniques recognized worldwide.

  • Implementation

    Quick wins implementation and definition of action plans for solutions. Approved schedules and use of Change Management approach to ensure the deployment. Creation of supporting tools for Sales team, commercial staff training, risk matrix, introduction of new processes, policies and strategies.

  • Control

    Development of dashboards for new processes monitoring, including KPIs, responsibles and contingencies. It is a continuous process carried out by the company.

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