With over 8 years of operation, QuantiZ is the most renowned Brazilian consulting firm for pricing. The company operates throughout the country, with a prominent position in customers from several segments and of all sizes. It is one of the few companies in the market that offer a complete solution, from the development of the pricing area in your company to the price management of all your products and services. The Pricing Outsourcing QuantiZ (PPQ) can be implemented in whole or in part, providing services such as project development, implementation, integration, consolidation, management, monitoring and timely support of senior partners when required.

Through Pricing Outsourcing QuantiZ, you can review strategies, policies, price positioning and performance indicators of your business, without the need for a major investment in a consulting project. QuantiZ offers trading flexibility for your company to choose a contract tailored to your needs, including a full or partial services renewal option (for this type of contract, the minimum term is one year).

Pricing Outsourcing Advantages:

Pricing Outsourcing Advantages:

  1. Reduces costs in the price management and setting structure and increases the value to shareholders by optimizing prices to the market.
  2. Allows transition and transformation flexibility to the next generation of concepts and pricing.
  3. Allows companies to focus on their core competencies.
  4. Improve the profitability levels of your business.
  5. Interacts with pricing experts.
What we offer

What we offer

  1. Business process management (price positioning, commercial policy, new product pricing, price management, performance indicators, management reports).
  2. Outsourcing of statistical software for data analysis.
  3. Outsourcing of employees to perform pricing-related tasks.

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